Argentine Tango Lesson

Argentine Tango Lesson
Learn the basic Argentinean style Tango steps. Learn the most emblematic steps of Argentinean Tango in 10 video classes.
Each Class consists of a detailed video and demonstration explaining step by step in slow motion all the key element to develop a great Argentinean Tango style.
Lesson N°1: Posture and Basic Step
Lesson Nº2: Forward Eight Step
Lesson N°3: Backwards eight step
Lesson N°4: El sanguchito
Lesson Nº5: Turn
Lesson N°6: The Sweep
Lesson N°7: Sacada
Lesson N°8: Turn with Sweep.
Lesson N°9: Boleo
Lesson N°10: Demonstration

The final class teaches how to combine, in the dance floor, the different steps learned in the previous classes. With practice you will we get excellent results.
Best of luck!

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